ABI-Tech Solution Private Limited

ABI-Tech Solution Private Limited is the leading and fastest growing company help in the digital transformation to deliver innovative solutions and implementable strategies to drive and increase your productivity and enhance your profitability...

Web And Software Development

We specialize in interactive web designs, CMS development and eCommerce, offering the best services in IT consultancy with our advanced capabilities in HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and so much more.

Innovative Mobile Solution

Mobile is where you want to be. Our accelerated and innovative mobile application development solutions will get you there, no matter where your business may be.

SEO And Digital Marketing

Our web development solutions come with SEO and digital marketing services that get your business on top of search results. Reach your clients by letting them find you with just one tap of a finger.

Powerful Business Management Solutions

Our customized software solutions come with cutting-edge technology that bring your business forward. From engineering management, credit management, branding management, ERP, CRM, to so much more




Custom Software Development, Mobile application, AR and VR Application, IOT and Big DATA, Web/E-Commerce marketplace development, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Microsoft Solution Implementation, ABIWHIZ HRMS and Payroll, ABIWHIZ Mobile Smart Track Face Recognition, ABIWHIZ Project Based Resource Planning.

IOT & Big Data

The world is shifting towards the Internet of Things(IOT), IOT Solutions,and Big Data Solutions and rightly so;IOT is the next big wave in computing.

AR/VR Services

ABI-Tech Solution Private Limited provides EON Reality’s Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) Platform. Experience a whole new world from your phone or on the back of a business card.

Custom Software Development

ABI–Tech Solution Private Limited is one of the leading custom software development companies offering outsource custom software development, enterprise software products and consulting and professional services.

Mobile Application Development

one of the top mobile development companies the development is phased into ideation, planning, building, debugging, testing, enhancement, revisions, enhancements, support, maintenance and new releases.

We serve multiple industries globally. Our domain expertise is backed by our phenomenal experience of successfully conceptualizing and delivering 1000+ projects

Building & Construction

Marine Engineering

Oil & Gas - Mining

Energy & Utilities


Transportation & Logistics